Dita Ndërkombëtare e Gruas festohet më 8 mars çdo vit.

Ajo përkujton lëvizjen për të drejtat e grave. Kjo ditë shërben jo vetëm për bashkimin e grave pa dallim feje, race, kulture, gjuhe dhe prejardhjeje, por edhe për të kujtuar përpjekjet për barazi, paqe, drejtësi dhe ndërtim në gati 9 dekada.


E pikërisht në këtë ditë, të shumta kanë qenë urimet dhe mesazhet e personazheve tanë të njohur. Disa prej tyre duke vënë në qendër nënën e tyre, si për të treguar se nëna është gruaja më e fortë në jetën e tyre.

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Jo vetem per 8 Mars.

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Gëzuar 7/8 Marsi ❤

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Gëzuar Mam.

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we’ve been taught from a young age that we need to find our prince, that without him we’re incomplete. Our society has indoctrinated in our brains that little girls cannot make it in this world without the help of a man. Well it might not count as a lot, but I’m here to tell you to f*ck that bullshit. I’ve been told my whole adult life that I’m only here and I’m only striving because of my father. Although I am honored and humbled to be his daughter and know his huge impact in my life, I was fourteen when he passed away. And while I have been thanking him my entire life for everything, I have forgotten in the way that we did make it on our own in these ten years. My mother, two sisters and I have fought through everything to be here today and make it on our own even when we were told we weren’t good enough, because we were women and we needed some men in suits to be taken seriously. So today I praise them. My mother raised four kids and is keeping an empire on her shoulder, my sister built her own family and is one of the best mothers I have ever met while still meeting deadlines to finish law school and follow her dreams, and my baby sister will no doubt be a strong, powerful woman who won’t be put down by no man. And me, I’m just proud to say that I know these women and lived with them. If you’re a woman making it on your own, I am proud of you. And if you’re a little girl reading this, I want you to know that if you respect yourself enough, you’ll do great!

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Happy Women’s Day! ? Ti je jeta ime #mommy❤

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