NEW Music / Bryce Vine – “Glamorama” Official Performance | Vevo

Seven years ago Bryce Vine made a vid of himself rapping Kanye’s “Golddigger,” sent it to ‘The Glee Project’ and earned himself a role on the show. The bigwigs must’ve heard what lots of the singer/rapper’s fans are hearing these days, mucho charm and tons of charisma. Vine grew up in LA, got into music and performance and changed his surname from Ross-Johnson after a musical partner suggested he become Ross Vinyl and they both agreed that shortening it to Vine would work better. It has. Vine and his cagey mix of pop/rap/R&B has been buzzed about for a while now, and strong work on 2016’s ‘Night Circus’ EP (don’t miss “Private School”) and last year’s “Drew Barrymore” tell us he’s headed in the right direction. We invited Vine in for a stripped-down shot at “Drew Barrymore” and “Glamorama.” Check ’em out.

Director/Producer: Kyle Goldberg
Editor: Lika Kumoi